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Updated: Jun 11, 2022

[Sent: April 30, 2022]

“Please don’t tell anyone until it’s official.”

Above is a phrase I often say when plans and projects are in progress. Overtime, this mindset developed through events that I have experienced, which I view as “failures.” In 2016, I made an online announcement that I would be going to school to become an ultrasound technician. I bathed in compliments of how proud and excited people were for my potential achievement. After half of a semester, I was failing all of my classes and I came to the realization that I had no desire to continue. In 2020, we announced our plans to move to Australia. Like most plans during the pandemic, we were unable to complete our mission. It’s easy to fall into certain patterns, especially when they prove to us to be true. Plan A & B did not work out, which means that C should not as well; therefore, tell no one of your attempts to avoid embarrassment.

We decided a couple of months ago to book a trip to Texas and New Orleans. I told Brendon to avoid telling our friends and family in case we didn’t make it. This is not a nice thing to do because I am taking away the joy out of excitement. I recognize that I am sucking the fun out of everything.

(Note to self: Watch Freaky Friday)

We had tickets to see Terminator The Musical in Texas and almost didn’t make it in because the show sold out. While sitting in our seats, we discussed how embarrassing it would have been to tell everyone we were going to go see Terminator The Musical but not make it in. I found it fascinating how embarrassment reaches the surface in these kinds of situations. As humans, we protect ourselves from embarrassment and crave the appearance of having our shit together.

As my dear pal once said, I am missing out on the thrill of excitement itself. Excitement is a part of life. Failure is a part of life. Failures don’t make us bad. The right people will be there to catch us when we fall.

Our next gig is at Grounded Kitchen Coffee & Bar on Thursday, May 12, 2022, at 7:00 p.m. It is a recurring event, which will take place on the second, third, and fourth Thursdays of the month going forward. We will have another local artist/musician performing on the third Thursdays of the month. We hope you’ll join us in this experience!

Below are a few gems from our trip:

Portrait of me sketched by robots (Austin, TX).

Fraternity house (Austin, TX).

Terminator The Musical. Absolutely phenomenal, 10/10 would recommend (Austin, TX).

I’ll have what she’s having. (Austin, TX).

A gorgeous bridge which led to a breathtaking park with swimming turtles (Austin, TX).

A cow mural (Austin, TX).

Snoozing on the bus to Houston, TX.

After this extraordinary butterfly exhibit, we went to an exhibit called Body Worlds, which showcased the remains of those who donated their bodies to science/art. I was having indigestion that day and saw a section of the brain that was sliced like bologna from the deli and had to exit to do some deep breathing (Houston, TX).

Making tunes on the 7 hour bus ride to New Orleans. Brendon had a $1.99 chicken leg from one of the bus stops and my anxiety went through the roof. No regrets on his behalf.

Brendon, excited for Primus (New Orleans, LA).

Vacay vlog coming soon so stay tuned (New Orleans, LA)! We can’t wait to see you! *kiss sound* *kiss sound* Tiffany Unsociably High

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