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Gifts & Experiences from Small Businesses

[Sent: November 26, 2022]

Gifts & Experiences from Small Businesses

In the beginning of November I decided to slowly accumulate gifts for the holidays from my favourite small businesses. Since I have Ebenezer Scrooge feelings around the holiday season, I enjoy avoiding the crowds of shopping malls with stores owned by billionaires. In case you're doing some last minute scrambling, I thought it would be helpful to create a catalogue of our favourite small businesses.

Maker House

Maker House is a shop that sells goodies made from artisans in Canada. I love the light scent of the soy candles and I'm obsessed with their Lavender Shea Butter by Twenty20 which is a black owned business. We love to see it.

Guitar String Jewellery

The other half of Unsociably High and the other half to my heart (lol) makes these beautiful pieces out of guitar strings. He will be at The Glebe Community Centre on November 26th and November 27th selling rings, bracelets, and earrings. You can email or message him for orders as well! @bbstringsottawa

Brown Bag Coffee Roasters

This coffee is an awakening. It's based in Aylmer, QC, and sometimes we take a trip to say hello and browse their products. But for the most part, we order online and sing a happy song when it arrives at our doorstep.


The same makers of Brown Bag Coffee also make soaps out of natural ingredients. We stock up on their soaps and my mom is obsessed with these.

LJ's Chocolates

We just pre-ordered some chocolates for our friends and family and we bought a 12 day cookie advent calendar for ourselves because COOKIE ADVENT CALENDAR. These chocolates and cookies are to die for. Order at: @ljschocolatesandconfections

Art House Cafe

Art House has a lovely online gift shop with greeting cards, books, prints, and stickers made by local artists.

The Spaniel's Tale

The Spaniel's Tale is a new queer owned independent book store in Hintonbourg with the loveliest vibe.

Octopus Book

An oldy but a goody. We have bought and ordered many books from here.

Venus Envy

My A1 since day one. When I was having struggles, my doctor sent me here and I was very nervous but the staff at Venus Envy were the most welcome in helping me. Unfortunately, their store has been closed due to a fire but you can still find amazing toys, books, and gender inclusive needs online. They also offer online workshops as well and they have always done so much for the LGBTQIA+ community. Surprise your loved one with a vibrator. Don't make me repeat myself. Wink.

Luck & Lavender

KJ Forman is the creator of the Luck & Lavender studio and you can find them at various markets in Ottawa like 613flea. I absolutely love the artistry that they put into their apparel and prints. KJ has a studio where you can book a time to shop in-person and try on items.

Pot & Pantry

Sometimes I go into this shop (located on Elgin St.) and just drool looking at all of the pretty kitchen products.

Possible Worlds

Possible Worlds is a great place to find prints, ceramics, and zines made by local artists. They also host events and workshops (we'll be going to an event next Thursday)!

Little Somethings Etc.

My friend and I stumbled upon this artist at 613flea and bought some prints and these cute book earrings.

Queer & Trans Yoga with Kim Valentine

Hey, let's normalize the gift of experience whether it is for yourself or if you want to bring a friend. Kim will guide you through the dark cave and help you find the light at Pranashanti Yoga Centre and online on January 24, 2023. @kimmaginaryfriend

Massages with Christine Norton

Massages are also great gifts and we found a lovely registered massage therapist who has a calming, captivating, and safe energy. @thehipjoint

Unsociably High & The Boo Radley Project

Lastly, we will performing with The Boo Radley Project on December 3rd at 8:30 p.m. We have performed with them before and we can guarantee that you will not be disappointed as they put on an amazing show. Bring your significant other or friend and say, "It's on me." Of course there are other great "experience" gifts like the spa, museum tickets, life drawing at Art House, or movie tickets at the Mayfair. I hope this is helpful and that it can be something to refer to when you're thinking, "Ahhhhhhhhhh what do I get?" *kiss sound* *kiss sound*

Tiffany Unsociably High

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