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All Of The Thank Yous & New Projects

[Sent: December 3, 2022]

Well well well, look at that. Twenty twenty-two is coming to an end and with that I write to you while recovering from sniffles. December was going to be quite busy for us and I find myself feeling a sense of relief not being able to attend every single event we had planned due to sniffles. It forced us to just sit our asses down and rest. But before this, we had a show at Avant-Garde with The Boo Radley Project. We were so happy with how the show went that we actually became the cow(s) that jumped over the moon as shown below:

Similar to that one episode of That's So Raven. If you know that reference, let's be friends.

Thank you to everyone who came out and danced the night away at our last show of 2022! Our friend Sarah made us these cookies that quite literally made me fall out of my chair and drop to my knees in awe. She gave us three cookies in total: we gave one to our patron who was at the show and we ate the other two shortly after. They were ridiculously delicious as always. If you drop to your knees over cookies and chocolates you can follow her page @ljschocolatesandconfections on Instagram. I think we're going to have to have some of these cookies at our next show, yes?

The day after the show we took some time to ourselves and enjoyed a walk in nature and fed some birds. I was hungover but this nourished me in all of the ways. Look at this fucking woodpecker. Also does anyone remember Woody The Woodpecker? Same...

This month I decided to avoid Instagram and Facebook. There is an invisible pressure to be happy during the holiday season and I don't always feel that way. Usually I'm an anxious mess. Of course seeing other people enjoy the holiday season is lovely but at the same time, it makes me feel like I should be as happy as them. Of course I'm dying to know what everyone is up to but I also feel a sense of peace in not needing to know everything. It's allowed me to simply ask my loved ones how they are doing. I talk a little bit more about this in this November video:

In October we applied for a grant where we had to present a project/event/concept to a panel of judges and be judged (my worst nightmare). Brendon presented the script as I clicked through the PowerPoint presentation of what we are calling The Crapital City Film Fest. It is a film festival for amateur film makers in the city with videos that are not HQ. We did not get funding for this but we still plan on making this event happen next summer. We are currently accepting submissions and you may submit to or follow @crapitalcityfilmfest on Instagram for more information. We turned this PowerPoint presentation into a video which is available on our Patreon and we will post publicly very soon.

Well, I think that's long enough.

Thank you to our patrons for helping us make a community of curious cookies and thank you to those who attend our shows, read this newsletter, and watch our videos! Also, thank you to those who surprised Brendon at his jewellery craft show and buying items <3

*kiss sound* *kiss sound* Tiffany Unsociably High

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