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Using The Mundane As Observations

[Sent: October 29, 2022]

Mundanity (noun): The quality of being commonplace and ordinary.

I love talking about mundanity because most of us experience it day to day. We roll over to turn off our wake up call and head to the bathroom to relieve ourselves in zombie-like motions. The scent of coffee wafts throughout the kitchen and we select clothing appropriate for the weather. On good days we commute and take in the scenery and on grey days we let it wash away. We say hello to the same faces and hear the same annoying voices talking about mind numbing subjects that we choose to tune out. We return home and prepare one of five meals that are on constant rotation. Watch our shows, crawl into bed, and repeat. I was on the bus dozing on and off when I wondered if I could simply observe my everyday life from a bird's eye view or as a spectator. These were my findings:

  • The one house we wanted to rent that I pass by:

  • Employee/owner putting out fresh bread behind the window:

  • The person doing a crossword puzzle in the newspaper.

  • The cookie I usually get from the local vegan donut shop that gives me just the right amount of indigestion that a hot cup of water can soothe.

  • One day I’ll make a song where everyone in the office says “Morning” back and forth to each other in different harmonies. Ill call it “Morning":

I have always believed that it is important for humans to step outside of their comfort zones but I know that we can also create from these ordinary moments. Brendon wrote a song called, “Simple Mundane Tasks,” while I was writing a song called, “Leather Daddy.” Simple Mundane Tasks is about loving the time you spend with someone even when it’s those ordinary, simple, mundane actions we do like sitting on the couch. We performed this at our life drawing performance with visual effects. I ended up recording the audio of the entire second half of our performance which will be released next month on Patreon with visual effects that you can play in the background as you wash your bathtub. But for now, here’s a snippet of Simple Mundane Tasks.

On Thursday, I decided to go to an art exhibition by the queer artist group General Idea. Since Unsociably High is comprised of different forms of art, it can feel overwhelming at times, so it was wonderful to see this group, who made art from the 60s to 90s, do all the things as well: live performance, visual art, installations, etc.

I bought some drawing pens and this book at the gift shop because it spoke to me:

Thank you so much to those who have joined our Patreon, it’s truly helping us in so many ways like contributing to recording our next album & continuing to learn and develop our crafts with books, workshops, and vocal lessons. (The app is lovely) October Patreon Rewards:

  • An unreleased song I recorded called The Estate of The Late

  • A playlist with original instrumental music

  • Reading A Letter I Wrote To Myself In 2018

  • The Unsociably High Podcast

  • Brendon’s Current Art Project

Lastly, we have a show on December 3rd, and we’ll be playing with The Boo Radley Project once again at Avant Garde. They put on an incredible show as a (to quote their Instagram bio) “7-piece genre-bending collective fusing funk, indie & jazz.” There are guitars and horns… you don’t want to miss it hunnies. *Kiss sound* *Kiss sound* Tiffany (See you in the next vlog coming out November 1st on YouTube) Unsociably High

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