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Hi, I'm Tiffany! I'm a yoga teacher, singer, illustrator, writer, and content creator based in Ottawa, Ontario.

My work focuses on the significant events that can happen in our childhood that shape us into the adults we are today. By bringing openness to those experiences through nostalgia and using our hands in the creation process, I hope to bring some comfort to others and continue my healing journey. 


My art also helps us remember the things that brought us joy, disgusted us, or upset us, and helps find a way to honour that by giving warmth and tenderness to our past selves; the little versions of ourselves that are sometimes forgotten.

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As someone who has experienced dyspareunia and childhood trauma, I've discovered this unconscious muscle tensing where I tighten the muscles in my inner hips as a result of holding in my emotions. Moment by moment we may habitually tense these muscles without knowing.


I invite you to use playful flow as we move through sequences that relax the shoulders and open the hips. By noticing how the different muscles in the hips respond, we can begin to bring awareness to our emotions that are stored mostly in the hips, and as a result bringing more mobility to the entire body.


It wasn't until I learned to truly let go using both yoga and therapy that I was able to notice significant relief. I hope to create a space where you relax your shoulders, strengthen your hips, and open the heart. 



Gentle Flow

End a Monday on a happy note with Hatha yoga using playful movement, artistic imagery, and mobility.  

Open to all levels - mats available

Drop in $15 cash or etransfer

5:30pm to 6:30pm

McNabb Recreation Centre

Ottawa, ON


Breath & Stretch

Whether it’s from a lot of yoga, gym, sport specific or recovery from surviving the day to day life demands, this class is designed to target tissue and nervous system repair and adaptations.

Open to all levels - bring your own mat :)

Register at

6:15pm to 7:15pm

Crossfit YOW

Ottawa, ON


Slow & Gentle Yoga

Join Tiff in the UAC Gallery every Thursday evening from 7-8pm for slow movements, cozy flows & chill vibes. This gentle yoga practice takes place in a creative space, focusing on connection and community. Only 5 Spots Available.

Open to all levels - bring your own mat :)

Register at

7:00pm to 8:00pm

Urban Art Collective

Ottawa, ON

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