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You Know Who

[Sent: July 23, 2022]

I thought we’d be on our way to Toronto on the morning of the 22nd . I would be looking out of the window watching us pass by cars on the highway with my hand on Brendon's thigh. Our equipment piled in both the back seat and trunk, rattling over each bump. By Friday night, I thought I’d be in the arms of my childhood pals, after performing a set sprinkled with mistakes.

Last week, I had my first experience at Bluesfest where we saw Alannis Morisette (I cried), Rage Against The Machine (I raged and almost cried but shortly considered ‘Reading The Room’), and TLC. I had a strong feeling that this would be the time we would run into You Know Who. On Monday morning we woke up to a mistress with a whip who pushed us back into bed and commanded us to not move.

Unfortunately it was not our wildest fantasy, but it was Mademoiselle Covid who had invited her nasty ass in.

I thought I’d be poetically describing how beautiful our experience was in Toronto/Hamilton. But instead I will be recommending television/movies to watch when you are sick.

1. The Goofy Movie

I’m proud to say as an adult that this is still my favourite movie (tied with The Parent Trap) because of its familiar voices, calming colours, catchy singalongs… I could go on. Perfect for when you don’t know what to expect with symptoms so you go along on Goofy and Max’s journey to soothe the unexpected.

2. Couples Therapy (on Crave)

It’s my third time watching all seasons and although the subject matter can be heavy, it is fascinating. And you know I love the reassuring, calm voice of a therapist. Sure it's a show where couples fight with each other, but it's also an inside look into how people are shaped by the way they react in certain situations.

3. How to Build A Sex Room

This show has a host that designs luxurious sex rooms for (super rich) people. It’s fascinating and perfect for when you're too tired to be horny. You know what I mean?

Also, just as a reminder that my non-fiction short story is published in Flo Literary Magazine which you can order here:

Thanks to everyone who has bought copies already!

A video of what we have been up to in July will be uploaded soon!

*kiss sound* *kiss sound*


Unsociably High

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