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[Sent: January 29th, 2022]

Welcome to the very first issue of the Untitled Unsociably High Newsletter! I am elated that you decided to dedicate some time out of your day to glide your eyes down this page. Social media can be an endless pit of loudness so it's nice to find a place where we can catch up in a not-as-threatening environment. You can expect this newsletter in your inbox once every two weeks, consisting of personal short stories, behind the scenes, and event invitations.

When It Doesn’t Go As Planned

There are moments in life when the story we tell ourselves is different from what actually happens. For example, on Thursday we went through a car wash. As a kid, the car wash was a place where just for a moment, I was a fish in its tank on a conveyor belt that had its debris - formed over the past few weeks, scrubbed away. By the end, the tank would be glistening under the sun. At last, I had talked Brendon into going through a car wash since the car would spread its wet sanded filth on us if we so much as looked at it the wrong way. As we exited the car wash, the wind shield wipers were fucked with and the entire car was an iceberg. Before a performance, I overthink charm. I daydream about telling the sound engineer to, “Turn the mic up,” with confidence. I rehearse anecdotes for banter between songs, Brendon fingerpicking the guitar as I’m telling a heartfelt story (Brendon if you’re reading this, we should do that…what do you think?). But once I’m on the stage, those thoughts disappear. It is, “Sing song. Don’t say anything stoopid.” The song, Unexpected, is about a relationship where we both convinced each other that the other was going to end the relationship. The anticipation of knowing it was going to end and the unreadiness of the explosive chemical reaction when it did. The past few years of the panini are drenched in this uncomfortable certain uncertainty but I find a privileged comfort in knowing that we are all going through similar feelings together and that all we can do is be there for each other. All we can do is be the person to scrape off the ice when the other is freezing. I promise, the pizza won’t always be this cheesy ;). *Kiss sound* *Kiss sound* Tiffany/Tiff/Spanky Unsociably High P.S. The name, "Untitled Unsociably High Newsletter" is inspired by Princess Carolyn's daughter in Bojack Horseman who is temporarily named, "Untitled Princess Carolyn Project."

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