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Updated: Jun 11, 2022

[Sent May 14, 2022]

I figured after the last lengthy newsletter that we’d take it easy this week and just share what we’ve been enjoying as of late. Being Home

I am a creature who feels safe in the familiarity of routines and I have been relishing in the smallest elements that bring me comfort. Elements such as the taste of water (yes there is taste to water), the sounds of life happening around me when I’m outside, and Breathe Right nose strips. I suspect that I may be experiencing what many people describe as “being present.” After clutching on to Brendon’s arm on each flight, I am just so grateful to be on the ground (more about this to come in the upcoming vacation video).

Thursday, May 12th It was a beautiful day to have our second performance at Grounded Kitchen. We were expecting two friends to show up but more showed up than anticipated - some we haven’t seen in years. Although I forgot some words, and Brendon kept whipping his glasses off of his face, and our amp failed us, we’re both so happy we were able to be surrounded by friends and new faces. I had the idea to bring some of the polaroids we took from our trip to pass around like Show & Tell (Hi hello, I’m 4 years old) and it was so special. I hope you’ll be able to make it out one (or all) of the Thursdays. Our next show is Thursday, May 26th! Erkyah Badu’s Tiny Desk Concert I was playing this while making dinner one night and Brendon came in and stayed to listen. I love the lyrics and the feel of the music. Erkyah is a musician who reminds me to write and sing what is true.

Click Here To View Video This Stevie Wonder Album Brendon has been playing this twice a day.

This Vlog I filmed a snippet of how we warm up before gigs and I was also able to capture the frustrations that come with technical issues. I also included a sneak peak of my creative process behind the newsletter.

Click Here To View Video And Lastly, Brendon Has Been Loving His New Hat

As I have mentioned before, a video of our trip will be available on Youtube very soon. Stay tuned! *kiss sound* *kiss sound* Tiffany Unsociably High

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