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Summer Solstice

[Sent: June 25, 2022]

This year we celebrated the longest day of the year surrounded by trees, water, fire, and with breaths that had the least amount of labor. Celebrating the solstices helps me to connect with the Earth and calms the elevated heartbeat that anxiety packs in its day bag. By the end of the night, we laid our backs on the hood of the car and watched the stars blinking across the sky. The feeling was similar to when a cat looks at you and slowly blinks to (allegedly) show that they love you.

We were invited to perform for this occasion and had Our Friend The Bassist perform with us for the first time. Brendon and Our Friend The Bassist have been practicing together mostly while I am at work and they were able to add a silky texture to the songs.

"I’m going to fuck up so much,” said Our Friend The Bassist, minutes before performing.

"Same,” I replied.

Later on, a black lab led us down through the busting trees to the creak where we decided to get ~uNsoCIAbLY hiGH~ . We passed belly laughs back and forth and had conversations that comforted the soul. There weren’t any moments where I was picking the skin off of my lips with my eyes in a still position. The experience was stimulating, engaging, and beautiful. We were exactly where we needed to be.

I put together a short video if you’re into visuals: (Also please subscribe haha)

Last year I made a lemon poppy-seed loaf. and thought this year, I would challenge myself and attempt to prepare a maple angel food cake.

Raw on the inside and burnt on the outside. I was frustrated and disappointed that it had to go to waste but I kept reminding myself that we make mistakes. Sometimes we can be raw on the inside and burnt on the outside and if we can be this way then so can a fucking cake.

Artist Date

On the 21st, I took myself out on a date and participated in a Life Drawing event at Art House Cafe. Although going places alone can feel awkward and out of place, I love pushing myself out of my comfort zone in that way. Sometimes we need those moments to be lost and find ourselves again.


Brendon had sent me a link to submit a short story to a local magazine. I had started writing it in May but had to stop since it covered some triggering topics. Remembering the words of my therapist, “I think you should continue to tell your story,” I visited it again at the end of the month and sent the email.

I was crying when I received the acceptance email and thank you Brendon for believing in me. You'll be able to purchase the issue in July, so stay tuned for that.


Our friend Oddeline performed at Grounded this past Thursday, which created a serene atmosphere while we sipped cocktails and nibbled on fries.

Upcoming July Shows July 14 @7:00 p.m. - Unsociably High at Grounded

July 21 @7:00 p.m. - Kaspien at Grounded

July 22 @8:30 p.m. - Tail Of The Junction (Toronto, ON)

July 23 @6:00 p.m. - The Cotton Factory (Hamilton, ON)

July 28 @ 7:00 p.m. - Unsociably High at Grounded

*Kiss sound* *Kiss sound* Tiffany

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