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Occupied Rooms

[Sent: March 12th, 2022]

Occupied Rooms

Above is an Instagram post from a singer/songwriter I follow and reading this made me think about how much time we put into projects and its end results. As musicians with limited time and money, we don’t have the glamorous luxury of getting vocals perfect overnight for 14 hours. There is no time to get it perfect, there is only time to get it done. After wringing the dish cloth, you have a cloth that appears clean but still smells. But at the end of the day, it’s still your cloth.

The beginnings of starting anything is this never-ending treacherous journey. We’re still figuring out which rooms to enter and if they even exist. Last winter, a friend kept having a recurring dream where they were in this mansion and they kept going into each room but the rooms were already occupied by someone else. I think a lot of us can relate to this in real life. This desire to mold ourselves in a specific way and to appear as though we know which rooms we’re stepping into. But now and then, we can miss the fact that it’s okay if someone is already there.

When we run into these people standing in our place; these people who seem like improved versions of ourselves, it’s so easy to think they should get out of your room and let you do you. We get mad that someone had the same idea as us but is actually doing the thing.

Entering rooms that are already occupied can make us forget to introduce ourselves. To say, “Hey I do that too. Let’s make something together one day.” After sharing rooms for a while, we might have enough knowledge, plus a little bit of privilege sprinkled in, to build our own room. When someone is in our room, it’s important to remember that no one has heard, seen, and/or experienced the art through our own individual voices. We can share the same room, but we will always have our own voice.

So, with our album Peak of Conclusion being one year old on this very day of March 12th, I invite you to listen to the voice of the instruments and its messages. Thank you to those who have streamed it and even bought it off of Bandcamp, and who have played it on their shift in the coffee shop. We are tiny fishies attempting to find our way in the darkness of the Bythpelagic Zone of the ocean and you are the fish with the light hanging off of its head guiding us.

(I had to Google what the darkest part of the ocean is called. Also the fish with the light on its head is called an Anglerfish. If there’s anyone reading who knows this Finding Nemo reference I’ve made, give me a “ho yeah”).

*kiss sound* *kiss sound*

Tiffany Unsociably High Peak of Conclusion:

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