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[Sent: February 26th, 2022]

It was Date #1 on a day in March that would make any nipple hard. Brendon was discreet as he wiped his snot on his fitted glove then replied to my question about hobbies. “I make jewellery out of guitar strings.” This stopped me in my tracks, beside La Bottega on George Street. I repeated, “You make. Jewellery. Out of guitar. Strings.”

As July rolled over with nothing left to melt, trust was solidified and with a lot of convincing, I agreed to join him at a few local music festivals where he would sell his jewellery. It would be my first time sleeping in a van and using a porta john for an entire weekend. "You're going to have so much fun," he said with his left hand on the steering wheel and his beard flowing in the wind. When we first started talking about the idea of Unsociably High, I was in a stage where I wanted to be creative, but I had too many eggs in my basket. I didn’t know which eggs to scramble, which eggs to poach, and which eggs to prepare sunny-side up. Ideas were cramped in my mind and I didn’t know what to do with them. We agreed that Unsociably High would combine all of our DIY projects and floating ideas along with the music. Later on, I realized that diving into projects would help me to not stare at the wall like a cat who sees that ghost in your apartment. Last week I had to get a needle which makes my heart beat too many times per second. I decided to write a silly song about a dying plant, which is below if you would like to see the process and the finished product:

Lately, we’ve been making shrinky dinks out of recycled plastic. We are slowly creating these into pins and magnets. What do you think? #branding

We’re also brainstorming a marketing plan (blegh) and shipping strategies for the guitar string jewellery. They are currently on our website but we haven’t said a word about it know when something is ready but you’re too scared to say something is READY? Anyway, if you would like to be a guinea pig, please go to: and see if there is anything that peaks your interest.

Other DIY projects we have done in the past are: 1) I glue-gunned jute to cardboard boxes to make small bins. When we were moving into our apartment together in Ottawa in 2020, we were left with a ton of boxes and I felt bad just throwing away. I turned one into a trash bin for the bathroom and the other into a “welcome to our bathroom, stay a while” book basket.

2) When we were living in Vancouver, Brendon got the idea to cut used bottles and turn them into plant pots and candles. There was a lot of trial and error for these projects and we’re still figuring out small details.

3) Brendon has also been making record/storage boxes made out of old record sleeves. He sold a few at the Glebe Christmas Market and was enthused.

"Take chances, make mistakes, get messy.” -Ms. Frizzle

*Kiss sound* *Kiss sound*

Tiffany Unsociably High

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