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Our Ottawa Needs Public Toilets

Peak of Conclusion

I Just Need A ToiletUnsociably High
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Unsociably High is one of the 2021 winners of Gotta Go's campaign Our Ottawa Needs Public Toilets with their song "I Just Need A Toilet," helping to raise awareness for Ottawa's need for more accessible public toilets. In suffering with Crohn's Disease, this campaign remains close to their hearts. 

Unsociably High began recording Peak of Conclusion in December of 2019. It was recorded at Kick Me Records studio and was mixed and mastered by sound engineer, Stefan Jurewicz. The lyrics were written both by vocalist, Tiffany Wallace and guitarist, Brendon Bartlett. Although Unsociably High performs as a duo, they wanted most of the songs to be a full production. The drums on the album are performed by Shawn Scissons of MyHill.


The songs tell a story of the realizations that are found in the difficult stages of a life's beginnings and endings.

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