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Brown Bag Coffee Roasters is the final stop in Unsociably High's Local Tour Through Town. This coffee roaster has a quality of coffee that makes any morning serene and makes taste buds sing. They are the winners of the 2020 Th3rdwave Awards for Roaster of the Year in the Ottawa-Outaouais area! 

Unsociably High is the only act at Brown Bag Coffee Roasters on September 5th, 2021. This is a live socially-distanced outdoor concert.  

Unsociably High will perform a full 
set at 3 p.m. involving all genres from the previous stops in town. 
All images taken by Kyle Beaulieu
Unsociably High - BBCR-3.jpg
Unsociably High - BBCR-11.jpg
Unsociably High - BBCR-6.jpg
Unsociably High - BBCR-14.jpg
Unsociably High - BBCR-5.jpg
Unsociably High - BBCR-4.jpg
Unsociably High - BBCR-10.jpg
Unsociably High - BBCR-18.jpg
Unsociably High - BBCR-15.jpg
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