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Life In Boxes is a three-dimensional mixed media piece, made primarily of album jackets. The boxes stacked on top of each other creates a larger interactive exhibit and attendees are encouraged to play the records from the piece.

The artist, Brendog Barklett, has created this piece combining genres of music, art concepts, and craft, forming an eye-catching Instalment, and is an ever growing endeavour. He will continue to construct the boxes and realign them so it will grow forever.

Process, design, and rhythm. I hold these three virtues true to my art. One’s process in creation is an art form in and of itself. The taste in design is a look into one’s soul and heart. To be in rhythm with one’s self and art is to create what is true.


My process has always been crucial to my art and I strive to keep my practice as analog and hands-on as possible. I often describe myself as a Construction Artist as I manually create the materials needed and source them from recycled avenues. I also take pride in my ability to create art through a recipe of steps. Where some artists may see their work as a stroke of a brush or a strike of a chisel, I see mine as a series of equally valued steps.

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I have always taken the mundane to heart. My designs will often stay simple and true to myself yet nuanced and tasteful. In the larger picture, my art contains complexity but is a singular idyllic design to form that. Drawing a lot of inspiration from artists such as Gary Taxali, Andy Warhol, and Frida Kahlo, I enjoy the playfulness of colour and allowing the design to speak and breathe.


As an artist navigating his career with disabilities, finding rhythm is very important. Each day is a challenge in its own way and that pace can be difficult to achieve to the desired tempo. With a career in music and visual arts, I often find myself juggling them with procession and timing. One’s rhythm and being able to adapt to it can be hard to find but is important. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither is art - finding a pace is crucial.

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2022 / SAW Gallery / "Kosmic - Back From The Morgue" / Ottawa, ON


2023 / Urban Art Collective / Ottawa, ON

Thanks to Ontario Arts Council and Government of Ontario for the support in this exhibit!

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