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 Unsociably High is a Canadian duo of multidisciplinary artists from Ottawa, Ontario whose sounds of breezy soul will take you from laying in the grass on a sunny day to sitting alone in a dark room contemplating life. Seasoned with sparkling vocals, funk progressions, and loop stations, Unsociably High presents a new wave of melodies that reduce the speed of heart beats. 


They have performed in a variety of  venues in Ottawa, such as Art House Cafe, Avant Garde, and Live on Elgin. In February 2020, Unsociably High performed nude for a sold out life and death drawing anniversary at Arlington Five Cafe, which filled the room with intimacy and vulnerability. Unsociably High has released their debut album, Peak of Conclusion which showcases the natural cycle of life, available on all streaming platforms.


The duo completed a Local Tour Through Town where they arranged live-stream performances at local shops in Ottawa, featuring indie musicians and artists in the community, helping to lead consumers to shop locally. Unsociably High are the 2021 winners of Gotta Go's campaign Our Ottawa Needs Public Toilets with their song "I Just Need A Toilet," helping to raise awareness for Ottawa's need for more public toilets. 

Unsociably High was granted by Melodies and Colour to conduct a workshop for emerging youth artists in the LGBTQIA+ community, focusing on the aspect of referential art.

Unsociably High invests time into various art forms in between and outside of music such as video production, jewellery design, non-fiction creative writing, painting, and illustration. 

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