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 Unsociably High is a Canadian duo of multi-passionate artists from Ottawa, Ontario whose sounds of dreamy soul will take you from laying in the grass on a sunny day to sitting alone in a dark room contemplating life. Seasoned with sparkling vocals, funk progressions, and loop stations, Unsociably High presents a new wave of melodies that reduce the speed of heart beats. 


Unsociably High hosts an annual life drawing performance wherein they play their set nude and the audience is encouraged to draw, paint, or simply watch.


Unsociably High has released their debut album, Peak of Conclusion which showcases the natural cycle of life, available on all streaming platforms. They are currently working on a country ep which is set to release in late 2023. 

Unsociably High invests time into various art forms in between and outside of music such as video production, jewellery design, creative writing, painting, and illustration. 

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